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    Central High 5!

    Our Central High 5 are a list of core values we expect all children and coaches to adhere to. They go beyond the field of play, and transpire to the daily decisions of life. Our values help young people make the correct decisions during sports and at home, as well as in all aspects of life.

    All children must respect the rules, their peers, their coaches, teachers and parents, as well as equipment and their surroundings.

    All children can be a role model to each other, in a sports environment as well as at home and at school. By using their own judgment as well as listening to others, children learn to make decisions for the better.

    All children must accept decisions made for or against them with grace, and thank their opponent for a great game no matter who wins.

    All children must be honest and abide by the rules, be it in a match or in the playground. They must show maximum effort and never be dis-honest in a game.

    By adhering to the previous 4 of the ‘High 5’, children will find enjoyment in their sports, activities and in every day life.