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    Central Coaching and Sports Academy has teamed up with the Birmingham Learning & Assessment Service to pilot a high-quality programme for sports coaches, setting the highest standard of physical education delivery in primary schools. Our coaches undergo a rigorous training and observation procedure, working with teachers and PE professionals to ensure their teaching covers all aspects of National Curriculum Physical Education.

    Central Coaching and Sports Academy are offering you the chance to see how we can operate in your school, completely free of charge! We will happily provide one week's worth of full PPA cover and extra curricular taster sessions. This will allow you to experience the professional standard of our provision, and how the children engage in our fun, stimulating and progressive multi-skill activities. The free session can be tailored to your needs, i.e. time, sport, day and duration.

    To enquire or book your FREE PPA cover, please book here!

    Physical Education (PPA)

    Since the introduction of Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) in 2005, Central Coaching and Sports Academy has been working alongside schools to meet the demand for a quality and professional providers of PE.

    Our long- and short-term planned, expertly delivered PE lessons provide schools with a cost effective and education-focused solution to PPA cover. With the option of multiple coaches to provide the simultaneous release of teachers during PPA time, Central Coaching and Sports Academy can ensure that all children are given the best opportunity to experience high-quality learning.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our PE lessons, having been through rigorous training and observations with the Birmingham Learning and Assessment Service, to ensure our lessons cover all aspects of National Curriculum.

    We always strive to be the best, as we understand we are a positive role model to the children we teach. Our approach to teaching is driven from the will to succeed within schools. We aim to fit into a school as a teacher, not
a coach, and expect the children to respect and recognise us as this role through the quality of teaching provided. We are completely flexible and support schools in their quest to instill core values and standards throughout school.

    At Central Coaching and Sports Academy, we are different from the average sports provider.
All lessons are delivered to at least a good standard, with learning objectives, success criteria and assessments all in place.

    We provide an in-school rewards system which encourages child participation, effort and success during PE, to ensure they not only perform well but understand the reasons for their own development during lessons.

    The benefits of PPA cover from Central Coaching and Sports Academy:

    • Expertly delivered lessons.
    • Full long- and short-term planning based around the four areas
      of NCPE
    • Confidence in our reliability and an effective staffing solution
    • Enjoyable and interactive teaching methods
    • Termly individual assessments
    • Varied lessons in all areas of sports, dance and gymnastics
    • All equipment provided
    • Funding advice and guidance
    • The option of extra-curricular activities provided, hassle free!
    • End of year reports

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Central Coaching and Sports Academy provides wrap-around care from 8am to 6pm in schools, with a progressive out of hours schools learning programme. As well as this we also provide expertly delivered breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs in a huge variety of sports, dance and gymnastics. Our clubs ensure all children receive the opportunity to be involved in an activity they enjoy, as well as see themselves excel and succeed beyond school hours. We work in conjunction with schools to provide clubs, which are sought after by children and parents alike, to provide an effective affordable programme of activity.

    There is often the opportunity for schools to compete locally against each other termly - and for children, who are showing signs of excellence, we have links with local clubs and academies where we will sign post parents.

    If you are looking for an after-school club in your area, please click here to view our programme of activities.

    Other School Services

    Inset Days
    Central Coaching and Sports Academy understands the problem inset days can create for parents seeking childcare. As a result of this, we work in conjunction with schools to provide a day of activities that start and finish at normal school hours, ensuring complete routine and a hassle-free solution to schools inset days. These inset day activities are based on the same structure of a sports camp day, so a packed lunch and lots of energy are the only things required!

    Extra Curriculum Support
    Central Coaching and Sports Academy can provide schools with added curriculum support in the form of our coaches as teaching aids where necessary. We can provide coaches during the school day to assist class teachers or teaching assistants in all areas of the curriculum, as well as providing the full curriculum of PE.

    Fun Events and Sports Days
    Here are Central Coaching and Sports Academy, we fully believe in providing sports days for schools to demonstrate to parents the success of their children over the curriculum year. We completely organise the day, from start to finish, ensuring all equipment is supplied and all events are staffed adequately.

    Healthy Week
    It is a vital part of our role as a positive example in the school environment to provide workshops and sessions on the importance of healthy eating and staying active. As part of our commitment to the school, this service is provided free of charge!

    Coaching Staff

    At Central Coaching and Sports Academy, all staff are fully qualified in delivering a variety of sports, from level 3 British Gymnastics to Level 2 dodgeball and Football! Rest assured, we are fully insured to deliver all primary based sports activities, as well as gymnastics in a secondary environment. All coaches hold a current, clean CRB disclosure and hold certificates in First Aid and Child Protection, as well as other coaching awards such as Coaching Children and Young People.

    All staff undertake in-house continual professional development training and are regularly observed internally by Central Coaching and Sports Academy staff as well as PE professionals.