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    Stars in Schools

    2019 is the year Central Coaching and Sports Academy is launching its Stars in Schools programme!

    The programme has been developed alongside Central Coaching and Sports Academy and Mimi Isabella Cesar, an international rhymic gymast with a mission to encourage more pupils to aim high and dream big!

    Our mission is to place some of Team GB and other high achieving athletes in schools to inspire the next generation of gold medal winners. Mimi Cesar says "An important part of any athletes identity is being inspired by others to push harder, aim higher and achieve our dreams. To be able to share this with the younger generation of potential sporting stars and to allow all children to have this experience is something special"

    What is the Central Stars in Schools programme?

    We offer a tailored made programme complete with six weeks of planning based around each individuals personal bests. The athlete will spend a day in school, introducing the personal best challenges to each Key Stage 2 class through hall based workshops. The athlete will also deliver a whole school assembly at the beginning of the day, bringing in any medals or kit with the aim to inspire and engage the children of your school. After the athletes visit is over, the planning is then ready to be delivered by your class teachers/school sports coaches during PE lessons for the following six weeks. The planning focuses on the circuit activities introduced by the athlete, and supporting activities to develop these skills. On conclusion of the programme, children should see an improvement in their personal bests from week 1 through to week 6. The athlete will then film a short video to play in assembly at school, congratulating everyone on their successes. As well as the full planning and resources provided, each child will receive a personal best diary to record their data.

    The Central stars programme has been designed to ensure it has direct links to the PE and School Sport Premium & the School Games Mark. The cost of the visit can be placed under 4 of the 5 PE and School Sport premium Key Performance Indicators.

    - The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity
    - Increased confidence, knowledge and skill of staff in teaching PE and Sport
    - Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to pupils
    - Increased participation in competitive sport